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Painting, staining, DIYing, celebrating and guessing. I'm hoping to cover all of these topics and more as White Barn Market lets it's voice be heard in my occasional blogs. I love Iowa and the farm life, and I'm not afraid to share it. (There may be an I love Target post involved here and there as well.) Cheers to making the old into something new and keeping tradition alive.

Almost Fall, Ya'll!

Hey friends-

As I sit down to write this, the date not so lovingly stares back. How on earth are we already saying hello to the end of August. It's unreal how the days and weeks seem to stack themselves up anymore--and like that, poof--another season is over. 

Our life has slowed a bit--and I'm super excited to say I'm able to fit some market dates in during the coming months!

First, you can see us September 22nd at Winding Vine Market. Click the link for details on the event. This market is spot on for our area and we are super excited to be a part of it.

We are currently working on designing a space and loading up on inventory, do tell-- what would you like to see? Any specific sayings on signs you are crushing on? Seasonal items you are looking to decorate with? Any particular pieces you've been hunting for? Drop a comment here and let us know--we'll do our best to load it up for the day.

We continue to look through our calendar the next few months so please feel free to reach out with any markets you LOVE to visit! We are looking at "popping" up with more occasional markets as our schedule allows!

{Farmer Wave,}

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