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Painting, staining, DIYing, celebrating and guessing. I'm hoping to cover all of these topics and more as White Barn Market lets it's voice be heard in my occasional blogs. I love Iowa and the farm life, and I'm not afraid to share it. (There may be an I love Target post involved here and there as well.) Cheers to making the old into something new and keeping tradition alive.


A little off topic here but bear with me...

It happened. I'm not sure exactly when or how, but it did.

Some of you may have had this moment already. Others, don't worry, your time will come too...it always does. I'm talking about that moment when you are so lovingly transitioned from a "Miss" to a "Ma'am". 

"Can I help you ma'am?" I appreciate the polite exchanges with store employees. I really do. That's the silver lining. However, I just can't seem to actually pinpoint when this change of salutation all went down.

Anybody else still grab for their ID when needing to make purchases of at least a 21 year old? Yeah, I still do. I even have a little internal monologue most of the time. "Oh, will they let me buy? This will be funny when they ask for my ID." I'll grin at dear oldest daughter and tease her later about how her average cool mom was confused for a 20-year-old. ;) Tee Hee. And then I wait for it. The time passes for the store employee to politely ask for my birthdate. "Wow," I think to myself, "This store must be pretty loosy-goosey with policy." Hmm, maybe this isn't the best interaction to showcase to said daughter after all. As I'm getting a bit outraged that the store would just let "ANYONE" clearly NOT of suitable age to make such a purchase, I grab my bag, the employee hands the receipt over and says, "Thank you, ma'am. Have a great day."

Oh. I guess there was no mistake. Yet, each and every time this happens I think they'll require my ID. Even when such thoughtful employees ask, "Is there anything I can help you find today ma'am," I glance over my shoulder to see who they are talking to.

And so it goes, the "Miss" days are over. I won't be shedding any tears over it, though. I know the ma'am title is definitely earned. Some of us from mothering, gained wisdom, increased confidence, and years of experience. So heck, from now on I plan to embrace the ma'am. (But I won't deny any "misses" that come my way either.) Wink. 

Have a happy early Spring all! I can't WAIT to get outside to start up some of those projects that have been simmering because it's just been too cold to touch thanks to the Iowa winter.

Talk soon-

{Farmer Wave,} 

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