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Painting, staining, DIYing, celebrating and guessing. I'm hoping to cover all of these topics and more as White Barn Market lets it's voice be heard in my occasional blogs. I love Iowa and the farm life, and I'm not afraid to share it. (There may be an I love Target post involved here and there as well.) Cheers to making the old into something new and keeping tradition alive.

T-shirt Task


I'm 'SOSing'; I'm mind numb & I'm looking for some quick help. I'd love to add a t-shirt for sale. {HOPEFULLY in time for the FD Vintage Market.}  Yet, I'm stumbling on design.  I like the simple one color screen design look on a basic (SOFT) t.  Believe me, I know what I like! ;)

I'm stumbling on wording however. So help a girl out. We love Iowa, the word "goods", oldness, redoing, solid wood furniture, signs, farm, industrial metal, picking, unique, adding coziness and farmhouse style. And, of course, barns. {On the back I plan to have a small White Barn Market Logo} Here's what I've got:

1)Home is Where your Barn Is

2)Barn Marks the Spot (Outline of Iowa with barn outline at FD location)

3)I Like Big Barns & I Cannot Lie

4)Barn Sweet Barn

5)Gettin' CHIPPY With It

6)Farmer of Country Mod Goods

7)Farm Fresh Goods

8)Vintage Home Goods Harvester (Some variation of)

9) Hay! Loft of Cozy Home Goods (See what I did there? Punny)


Give me your feedback. Like any of these? Or have something better come to mind?  Give me an idea that I decide to use and you will get a FREE t-shirt on ME!

{Farmer Wave}



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