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Painting, staining, DIYing, celebrating and guessing. I'm hoping to cover all of these topics and more as White Barn Market lets it's voice be heard in my occasional blogs. I love Iowa and the farm life, and I'm not afraid to share it. (There may be an I love Target post involved here and there as well.) Cheers to making the old into something new and keeping tradition alive.

Enter Spring. And COLOR!

Recent reading got me revved up about color. The beginning of spring seems like the perfect time to talk about color.  I mean, come on. Sure the whites and greys of winter are pretty and all--but by this time of year, I think it's safe to say we are ready to welcome a bit of color back into our lives.

Spring is the time to start fresh and clean. And by clean I mean bright. And by bright I mean paint. For real-screw spring "cleaning". In my house it's spring painting.   Suddenly all of my walls and main pieces need a new color. Can anyone else relate?  Oh, if these walls could talk.  {Bless my hubs for never putting up a fight when I declare we are painting a room...again.}

White Bedroom--with a little shiplap of course!

White Bedroom--with a little shiplap of course!

It's funny how personal tastes change over the years.  When we first moved to our farmhouse--over 10 years ago--you'd have thought I had made a bet on how many different colors I could get crammed into our house.  Now, as the kids came along and we became the family we are, I prefer a more basic wall.  Case in point: last year our master bedroom was made over from a bright robin's egg blue to white.  Talk about shocker. Yet, I love it.  Interestingly enough, I think an all white room is a bold statement.  

As I look around my house, I still love to add fun pops of color here and there.  Our piano, for instance, is quite the focal point {Have I mentioned it's on my painting list though?! HA}.  We've got a chalkboard (black wall) in our kitchen.  The new coral desk just added to my daughter's room helps to showcase her cheery attitude.

I guess you can take the color out of the walls, but you can't take the color out of the girl! ;)

So, what's your favorite color right now?  Any spring painting--err, I mean cleaning plans? Do something different, add some color. Do what makes YOU happy. I dare you.

{Farmer wave}


P.S. This lovely turq. buffet will be joining us at the FD Vintage Market April 21-22! More on that later... ;)

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