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Painting, staining, DIYing, celebrating and guessing. I'm hoping to cover all of these topics and more as White Barn Market lets it's voice be heard in my occasional blogs. I love Iowa and the farm life, and I'm not afraid to share it. (There may be an I love Target post involved here and there as well.) Cheers to making the old into something new and keeping tradition alive.

Defining The Farmer's Daughter

PLEASE, for the love, do NOT google it.  It's just going to get you into the wrong things.   Let's just keep this simple.  Meet Rachel. Born n' raised in Webster County, Iowa.  Wife to a pretty neat guy who happens to support my flighty ideas and hippie spirit. {Thanks, Ryan}  Mama to four babes (girl, girl, boy, girl).  I would list ages, but as soon as I finish typing one would inevitably have a birthday. (Why does time move SO fast anyway?)  Sister to two older brothers.  And, last but not least, a farmer's daughter.  I'm a believer in good & God and spreading some niceness & a smile or two.  My passion, beyond all mentioned above, involves a whole lotta' chippy paint wood goodness, paint & stain projects, & interior finds and possibilities.  Oh yeah, and barns. I REALLY like barns--white ones.  

Early Days  Rachel with her mom and oldest brother, Matt.

Early Days  Rachel with her mom and oldest brother, Matt.

I learned at an early age how to drive a tractor.  I was never taught to combine--or plant-- {climbing around on seed bags in the back of a pickup was my specialty}. Yet, farming was always a family function.  Our parents were blessed with the task of carrying on the family farm.  The smell of fresh tilled dirt--ugh, one of my favorite smells--reminds me of so many good, simple times.  The center at each of those times?  Family.

Fast forward a few years to when I managed to snag a good guy {reminds me a lot of my dad, actually} and HIS great family.  When I didn't end up marrying a farmer myself it seemed as though all of the goodness of growing up on a farm wouldn't be in our family's future.  Boy, does God provide.  Shortly after we were married, the opportunity came to buy my great-grandmother's acreage. Not just a farm-- a family farm.  And more memories.  Memories of visiting our great grandma and playing cards, the food, the family get-togethers, THE BARN.  And surprisingly, even after the reno of our 100 year old farmhouse, I still catch myself telling the kids, "Well grandma's tall buffet sat just right over here and the couch was there..."  It's amazing--of course, the family makes the home, but the style of your home really plays an impact on feelings too.  

I've always had an eye for older pieces of furniture.  Solid wood & good construction--two thumbs up.  Plus, you just can't beat the uniqueness.  I enjoy having items in my home that aren't in the next house down, too.  I want my house to tell OUR story, not just a general story of family.  And now, well, I've decided it's time to open up my little finds to others in hopes they'll like to color outside the lines too.  Enter this whole crazy idea... barn, farmhouse style, easy living, cozy, vintage finds and smiles. 

So there you have it, The Farmer's Daughter at White Barn Market.  Not really a me,  but an us {my fams}.  We're a little different, a little fun, a little farmhouse style.  We are continuing on my idea of life on the farm in our own unique way, one project at a time.   And, working towards being open soon. 

{Farmer wave}